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My name Telli Mantelli! Born in L.A. but have been living in Canada for over 25 years. Ive been involved in the 3D Printing industry for over 6 years and run my own print shop on the East Coast of Canada. I'm the founder of the 3D Printing Canada the largest Canadian base 3D Printing group! When not printing, my favorite things to do is hang out with my family and dogs and BBQ! You find most of my articles are reviews of printers or printing equipment. I pull no punches, if it's crap you'll hear it from me! I have a lot to say and well that can get me in trouble, but the world would be boring with out a little trouble right?!!

BIQU Kossel Pro Delta – Review

BIQU PRO DELTA REVIEW - Thinking About buying a BIQU? Well Read This First! Lets start with Biqu the company themselves. Biqu is one of the largest suppliers of 3d printer parts and electronics in the world. If you have a printer, there is a good chance some of, if not a lot, of the parts are from Biqu, just rebranded with OEM service.