XJet Increases its distribution channels with new European agreements

XJet Ltd recently signed two separate distribution agreements,

one with Portuguese distributors Emetrês and the other with Tri-Tech, a supplier of cutting edge 3D printing solutions to the Uk and Irish producers.

Both suppliers will work on supplying customers in their different locations with the XJet metal and Ceramics 3D printing systems as well as local installations, customer support services, materials and training.

The inclusion of these two distribution channels solidifies XJet’s consistent business progression and sims to expand and assign channel partners to deliver its quality to more regions.

XJet is delivering a direct approach to clients in these locations as the interest in ceramic 3D printing solutions is expanding significantly simultaneously with the metal 3D printing market which continues to grow at a healthy pace.

Partnering with the right group of companies

XJet CBO Dror Danai, says; “Tri-Tech 3D has intensive experience acknowledged in delivering to the market-leading 3D printing technologies,

At the same time,

Emetrês has proven it has a passionate dedication to the customer experience.

XJet cares about the details, Emetrês and Tri-Tech have the same ideals and philosophies as we do and make an ideal partnership in distributing our Carmel AM systems in their respective locations.”


Tri-tech one of the leading experts in additive manufacturing and distribution of products for 3D printing was founded in 2007.
The company since the time of its creation has gathered experience in selling AM services and equipment to multiple industries in Ireland and the UK this includes aerospace, automation, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare and more.
Furthermore, Tri-Tec delivers a comprehensive service that includes installation, consultation, customer support, training and ongoing supply of parts and materials.


Emetrês has four decades of experience in marketing graphics ad communication products, Emetrês also in the last couple of years added 3D printing equipment to its offering.
The company holds an important place in the Portuguese market, with departments consorting with the company throughout the entire workflow: from consultation to sales, installation and service.
The collaboration is in motion as Emetrês has an open demo room at its Lisbon site with an XJet system already installed.

According to João Mateus owner of Emetrês, the 3D printing Sapcae continues to grow and we are eager to add ceramic and metal systems to our wide range of Am solutions and anticipate the new things our customers would be able to create with the technology.”

Launched to industry praise, XJet’s Carmel AM System product line are changing the metal and ceramic 3D printing industries by printing ultra-fine layers of nanoparticle “inks” or fluids for the build and support materials.
The company’s patented NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology is unique among other ceramic and metal AM technologies due to the use of this unique liquid dispersion and inkjet process, as opposed to a powder-bed technology, providing superior quality of parts in terms of, density, detail and design flexibility.
“XJet’s novel NanoParticle Jetting technology is groundbreaking in metal and ceramic additive manufacturing and as such we’re proud to be an XJet distributor,” says Adrian Painter, Managing Director, Tri-Tech 3D.

“The XJet Carmel AM system fills a real need with our customers, providing an alternative for the manufacturing of metal and ceramic parts, ensuring superfine details, smooth surfaces, and precision due to the unique printing process.”

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