Top 10 fast 3D printed add-ons for video Game lovers

Save any of these models to 3D print later and upgrade your gaming sessions.

1. Xbox One controller mini wheel

Model file by Brent Scott

Rack and pinion steering for your xbox controller! Download the 3D printable model HERE.

100 degrees of rotation. Enjoy finer control in racing games. It’s going to feel strange in the beginning because you probably have hundreds of hours driving with just the stick. Just give it time to create new muscle memory 🙂

Driving demo:

There’s also a version of the 3D printed controller mini wheel for each PlayStation 3 & 4 controller .

2. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drink holder

Made by David Hensley

Nintendo Switch its’s a pretty cool game system console, I enjoy playing Zelda breath of the wild for hours. But you know what’s the worst part of playing it? Drink Pauses. Call me a lazy girl, but Imagine this: I´m playing against Ganondorf with a high focused level and suddendly I need to pause.  NO!


Now whit the Joy-Con drink holder, all your gaming/drinking worries are a think of the past! Download it HERE.

3. Dual XBOX Controller stand

Designed by TheFallenElectron

Get the free model HERE.

Why buying a XBOX controller Stand when you can 3D print as many as you need? Even if our room is a mess, (I’m not speaking for every, one of course)  our game room can be always organized.

Also the model is not a problem, you can put any XBOX Controller on it!

4. Customize your Controller XBOX Controller – Xbox 360 ABXY Custom Controller Buttons

A model file by gamerguy51

You can find the printable model HERE.

Why should you have to live with what you’re given? After years of playing, you might be bored of having the same old colours on your Xbox controller. Print out your own xbox controller buttons in your favorite color!

The secret after printing is a quick dunk in acetone or a little buffing to smooth out the top. Or better yet use some sugru to fill the letters and ad some color! This easy print will allow you to have an interesting change.

5. Gamer Headphone Stand

Created by James Lutzke

A simple add-on to 3D print. A stand for our gaming headphones can help us keeping them close for the gaming night sessions. 

Download it HERE.

6) Thumbstick Caps for PS4 Controllers

Created by Filip Gielen 

Download it HERE.

Thumbstick caps are the first parts damaged over time, even they make your controller look pretty boring. Whit this desing you can add some colour to your PS4 Controller and with a little of redesing you can make some spare parts. 

7) PS4 Remote Stand

Made by:João Duarte 

Download it HERE.

We already have a Xbox controller Stand but what for Playstation 4?  Every PS$ gamer knows those controllers manage to get lost in the most impossible palces. However whit this Remote Stand, you’ll always have your controllers near to your console. 

8) PS4 DualShock Lock

Made by: Juan Antonio Siles Sanchez

Download it here:

Keep away your mom from this post. Is your child spending too much time playing and not enough on homework? You might find this thumbstick lock for disabling DualShock 4 controllers quite useful.

9) PlayStation VR (PSVR) Stand

Made by: hachi roku

PlayStation VR Bundle is a lot of fun, but it can also be an awfully messy to live with. Cables everywhere, and the headset itself doesn’t lie comfortably in any living arrangement. This PS4 accessory can be the solution. 

Download it HERE.

10) PS4 Gamepad Smart Clip (for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini)

Designed by:Jakub Maksymilian Fober

PS4 GamepadSmart Clip (for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini)

This is an easy skeletal desing to 3D print. PS4 mods like this will let you take your PlayStation controller on the road as a Bluetooth controller for smartphone games.

Download it HERE.

Want more free models to 3D print? Look at these useful Free Back to School items to 3D print!

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