The Mystery Machine And Classic Car Models That You Can Print!

Probably this post will make you nostalgic. I hope so. =D Today I’m going down the memory lane and writing a list of classic cars that we saw on the cartoons and others shows that we used to watch while growing up. Are you ready? GO!

The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine

Scooby Doooby Dooooo! Did you ever realize that Scooby Doo should teach us that the real monsters are the humans under the costumes? I never thought about it until I saw a post on facebook talking about it. Well, now you can try to solve your own mysteries with The one and only Mystery Machine designed by Atomicos Studio, and it’s available in Cults3D and ready to go to your 3DPrinter. =D


Flintstones Car

Flintstone’s Car

YABBA DABBA DOOOOO. (Admit it, you read that thinking on Fred’s voice, right?) Oh, come on. Your Sunday morning was with them, right? Back on the stone age, we got the chance to watch Fred and his family and friends in a lot of adventures. Now you can add their car to it. Enjoy this model designed by Kamile Zaleckaite available on MyMiniFactory. And this model has a plus: The wheels move. So you can play around with it or add to your collection. If you are enjoying our trip down the memory lane, Kamile’s account it’s worth a look… You can find models like Bugs Bunny, Marge Simpson, and others…

Ghostbusters – Ecto1

Ecto1 Ghostbusters

I still remember the day that I saw that giant marshmallow monster… If I remember this well, I was scared. What I don’t remember is if I watched others movies… However, now you can print the Ecto1, a design from Andonis Evangelos with a lot of details, that will make your printer suffer a little bit, but probably well worth every second.



Do you remember this one?

Dick Dastardly Car – The Mean Machine

Dick Dastardly Car

Damn, I loved the Wacky Races cartoon, especially Dick and Muttley. I loved the days that I watched their adventures all day on my TV. Nowadays, I don’t have a TV at home, and just watch stuff on Netflix… Evolution? Don’t know… But back on the subject. It’s time to print this amazing model from Vadim Drok!



Mach 5 from Speed Racer

Mach 5 Car


Ok, I don’t remember if I ever watched Speed Racer. However, Mach 5 is a classic car and should be on this list. This model was designed by Shaggy Dude and his account has a lot of models that you need to take a look…



The Jetson’s Car

Jetson’s Car

Ah, The Jetson’s, one of the first cartoons that I watched with an Alien theme. Down here in Brazil we have a project called “Serenata de Amor” where we use a robot called “Rosie” to monitor the money spent by our Congress to find if they are robbing us(Sadly they do all the time…). The name Rosie was inspired on The Jetsons too. Back in the subject… Now you can take your family on an intergalactic trip on the Jetson’s Car designed by Jason Foster.


Last but not least…

DeLorean from Back to the Future

DeLorean Car

Of course, you know this car. It’s a legend. This amazing car that was able to travel in time and get Marty Macfly in some trouble is the last model of this list. The design was made by Artyom and he has a couple more cars under his account.




This is the first list that I wrote that most of the models don’t have a 3DPrinted image. It would be awesome to see the results of the designs of all these artists mentioned here. I thank you all for your great work, and I hope someday to be able to print and do the proper finishing on them. And of course, give feedback to you. We are a community, and this is one of a lot of goals that we can achieve together.

Well, let me know in the comments below what you think about of this list and which models you will print!

Check out my previous post about Cosplay to the next level. Please do. I would love to hear from you!

That’s all folks!

Obs: *All the images displayed here are from the model’s sources on their respective websites.

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  • Justin Flugum

    Nothing like some childhood nostalgia, I want to print them all. Scooby Doo is a family favorite

  • Tom Baxter

    The Back to the Future DeLorean & Ecto 1 from the Ghostbusters! If you added the classic Batmobile to the list you would have won my trifecta! I’ll be starting them tonight.

  • Richard Bynum

    I LOVE the Flintstone’s car!! And it being able to roll makes it twice as awesome! I really like the detail on the cloth top of the car. That’s some great work! I also really like the Jetson’s spaceship. I wonder if the clear bubble top was 3D printed or from something else? All these cars bring back great memories! I loved the Wacky Races too!! I loved all the Hanna Barbera cartoons! It makes me think back at a simpler time of life. These look like they would be fun to print and work on. Thanks for such an interesting list!

    • Lays Rodrigues

      You are welcome =D

  • Juan Solis

    The Ghostbusters car looks great, when I was a kid, for a long time I could not eat marshmallows because I found the the marshmallow giant too gross.
    I would also add the Sean Connery Aston Martin DB5 from 007 and the James Dean Porsche 550 “little bastard”.

  • Tom Baxter

    I really like these list Lays! You always have good designs to show, but it also introduces me to new artists and designers! They are all so creative.

    • Lays Rodrigues

      Thank you! =D

  • Darren

    I will enjoy printing these classic cars, since I really like cars very much.

  • Liam Hewitt

    That’s pretty cool

  • Claudette Lariviere

    All the kewlest cars from legendary Cartoons! Mystery Machine, Fred Flintstone, ghostbusters, Dick Dastardly Car – The Mean Machine, Mach 5 from Speed Racer, The Jetson’s Car, The Jetson’s Car! 3D printers are like a magicians best work, the science behind bringing back to life all these legendary vehicles is nothing short of a trip back to my childhood! Yes I was a tomboy, I loved my Cars, my Lionel train, my baby dolls and my Barbie dolls 💞

  • Sumit Trivedi

    Thank u so much for that YABBA DABBA DOOOOO Freddy’s car idea. I was definitely glued to the idiot box during the show. And now, I am thinking of creating the same with the help of my Tevo Tarantula 3D printer. Thanks for the idea and the blog.

  • Gary Willett

    Very Nice Lays!

  • Michael Raphael

    Great article!

  • Tod Winkelman

    Those cars sure brought back some memories. I was wondering though (i’m new to 3d printing and still dont have 1 ) but why are they all 1 color? Can you not use diffrent colors for like the seats or is it to hard to do?
    Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.

  • Julie Myles

    I love the Flintstone’s car and the Jetson’s space car. Great memories.

  • Erman

    Batmobile from the 1980s movie would be also cool addition to this collection:)