The 3D Printing Gifts Guide 2018

Don't know what to buy to your 3D Printing enthusiastic loved one?

Everyone loves 3D Printing Gifts! Why not get your partner something that they will actually use. We will try to Sort them out and Start with some easier gifts then move on over to geeky tech gifts. All inspired by the 3DP Community. Add your gift idea in a comment and we try to add it to this list asap.

To The one without a 3D Printer – 3D Printing Gifts Guide

1. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer with A Heated Build Plate.

A Great machine to start with seeing as the ‘kit’ is almost fully pre assembled and its almost plug and play. Dont forget to join the Monoprice communities on Facebook. Buy it HERE


  • Ready to Print: Unlike most other low-cost 3D printers
  • This printer ships fully assembled
  • Already been calibrated at the factory.


  • The built plate is small and trying to do ABS is a no go
  • Getting spare parts can be abit tricky but youll find most parts on Aliexpress if you are familiar with the electronics
  • Clogs and jams as much as other machines but the customer base is usually new to 3D Printing which means that they will discredit it as broken or faulty. 


2. MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen with OLED Display


MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

With A 3D Printing Pen The sky is the limit! You can make anything and everything! Maybe not as detailed as with a desktop 3D Printer but still A Great start! You can Buy it HERE


  • You can create anything 
  • Stepless speed control
  • Adjustable temperature 
  • LCD Display
  • Replaceable hotend


  • Reports of the PFTE feed tube pulls out of the hotend
  • Jams and Clogs a bit to often with their own filament
  • The filament feed can break the hotend if the temperature is adjusted correctly


Tools for your 3D Prints – 3D Printing Gifts Guide

1. Advanced Retouching Tool for 3D Prints

SRA Soldering Products RITOCCO Advanced Retouching Tool for 3D Prints

One of most High-Tech soldering iron/retouching tool out there. The composite tip design with the hot swap capability is really good. It makes it simpler to change the tips. Use it to retouch 3d printed materials, repair mother boards and much more. You Can BUY IT HERE


  • 4 Changeable Tips
  • Digital display
  • Hot Swapping of Tips
  • Preset for PLA, ABS, PC and PA



  • Short Cable
  • The device “Feels fragile”
  • Hot Swap Pad had reports of melting
  • “A bit expensive”


2. 19 Pieces 3D Printer Print Removal Tool Kit

Syba SY-ACC65084 19 Pieces 3D Printer Print Removal Tool Kit

Essential Tools for Making 3D Printing Easy with Spectacular Results. With this kit you can clean clogs, fix your printer and get your prints off the bed. You can buy it HERE


  • Well Packaged
  • Good Assortment



  • Medium to Low Tool Quality
  • Not for professionals


3. SUNREEK10Pcs Carbide PCB Drill Bits


Drill Bits

Clean your Nozzles easy with these Drill bits. You can Buy them HERE


  • Precision machining by high accurate equipment
  • With good milling and cutting performance, ensuring high efficiency
  • High hardness, wear resistance, and intensity


  • There really is no Cons.. 


4. XTC-3D High Performance 3D Print Coating


XTC-3D High Performance 3D Print Coating, 6.4 Oz

Two liquids are mixed together and brushed onto any 3D print. Coating self-levels and wets out uniformly without leaving brush strokes. It works with PLA, ABS, Powder Printed Parts and other rigid medias. It can also coat EPS, EPDM and urethane foam as well as wood, plaster, fabric, cardboard and paper. Smooth and Finish your 3D prints. You can buy it Here


  • This is great for getting around hours of sanding!
  • Compatible with FDM, SLA and SLS prints
  • Very easy to Use easily worth the extra buck




  • Wish it came with clear instruction
  • It works but not much better than an acetone wash
  • Can be expensive if you print A lot



Geeky 3D Printing Gifts – 3D Printing Gifts Guide

1. Multi-material 3D printing

Mosaic Palette+

How does it work

Palette+ combines up to 4 filaments and feeds them into your printer in real time, allowing your printer to print in multiple colors and materials with no hardware modifications. Buy it HERE.



  • Print impossible overhangs with select soluble supports
  • CombinePLA with a flexible TPU or try some other compositions 


  • Cost
  • Early versions had major issues (get a new one)


2. Laser Module 450nm Blue 1000mW for your 3D Printer

Laser Module 450nm Blue 1000mW

Everyone wants to engrave stuff every now and then Or maybe you are just too lazy to use scissors to cut paper? Whatever you reason might be this is a fun addition to your 3D Printer. Buy it Here.

Tip: When used for 1.5 hours, please let it stop and cool down for few minutes to maintain the life span of your laser. 


  • Use your 3D Printer to engrave
  • Good sturdy build quality
  • Cheap


  • A Bit tricky to get working but there is a lot of “how to” videos
  • A bit weak if you intend to cut leather go for a 5000mW one.


We will add on more 3D Printing inspired Gifts when we see something cool. Please Comment below if you have a good Gift idea and we will try to add it on here. 



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  • Justin Flugum

    Learn something new every day, who knew that a retouching kit existed for 3D prints. How cool is that?

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    Wish i could of sent this to the side and family 30 days ago… 🙁 nice write up, but maybe next year get it out a little earlier for shipping reasons… 🙂

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    Nice list! I would like each one! Especially the one that enables the 3D printer to print in different colors and materials. But I think that one will have to wait until I get a loan from the bank!..haha. But it’s really cool!! I’d also really like to have the retouching tool for all the mistakes and bad spots. I’ve got this list saved and am going to be coming back to it to knock off these things one at a time. Thanks! Another little do-dad someone might like is the sticky goo that goes on a unheated printer bed. I forgot the name of it. It’s not as cool as all these things but could be a good stocking stuffer.

  • Tom Baxter

    Definitely a good list. But we need to keep building it.

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    3D Printing pens are really a great object to print hoards of domestic objects in a desired manner. Really, a great piece of article which describes the pros and cons of the related objects.

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    Instead of putting an extremely long comment here. I created a forum post with my thoughts on some of the items listed here, as well as some things I thought could be added.


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    This is a gift guide that is unique and will make memorable Christmas gifts for sure.

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    I actually got a laser module pictured above. Very good for engraving wooden objects!

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    Please be aware when coating your 3d prints using the Patt A and part B there are fumes that can be very bad for your health…always wear a mask. I almost ended up in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction….!!

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    Nice. Thanks for this guide

  • Gabriel

    One of the best tools I purchased has been an infrared thermometer works good for confirming all components are working and I can see how fast my print cools.

  • Laurent Muchacho

    Don’t you think the cons of number 3 is that over time you increase the size of your nozzle? those drill bit will do a really good job at rimming the nozzle bigger and bigger over time.

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    Number 3 Cons would be making the nozzle bigger with the drill bits !