Rick and Morty 3D Models

Rick and Morty is the cartoon trending for the last couple months. It looks like an amazing show since my friends don’t stop to talk about it… I wasn’t able to watch the first episode… It’s just not for me… But that don’t keep me to admire the models that people are doing around the 3DPrinting universe.

The most famous models lately are the Pickle Rick, check out what I found!

Standard Pickle Rick and Injured/Angry Pickle Rick

“I turned myself into a pickle. I’m Pickle Riiiiick”

Pickle Rick made its appearance in 3DPrinting groups and in my Facebook feed a lot. This model designed by Jon Cleaver was one of the triggers of this fever. Jon has a couple more variations of pickle Rick that you can check on his account, and maybe start your collections of Pickle Rick.


Now, don’t judge me, because when you find a fan of a show that has the skills to design 3DModels, so far Jon is the leader for me. So I have two more models for you:

Rick and Morty

Damn, this model sanded and painted are AWESOME! I love to see 3DPrinted models with finishing, where you get the look of official models without spent the money to buy one. And the Morty model isn’t giving a fuck to you, while Rick is glad on raising his middle finger. What a collection my friends!

Now Rick and Morty on the same model, and my impression is that Morty always suffers in Rick’s hands.

Rick and Morty


This model was designed by Rober Rollin and has great details on it, were Rober says on the description to use supports to give you the finishing that he had on his print.







On the spirit of Halloween:

Pumpkin Rick!

Pumpkin Rick


“Check it out Morty, I turned myself into a pumpkin, just in time for Halloween…. I’M PUMPKIN RICK!”

This awesome model was designed by Daniel Beek.






Ok, I know that so far we have 3 models of Rick turned in vegetables, but one more won’t hurt?

Rat Warrior Pickle Rick

Warrior Pickle Rick


Well, this Rick has some bad injuries, but I think that for a pickle he was lucky to be “alive”.

This great model was designed by Terence King, and I searched on Youtube about this Rat Rick, and with 30 seconds watching the origin of this reference, this show continues to make no sense to me.







To end this list of pickles, and to give you a spotlight on your collection:


Like all shows, Rick and Morty have its own logo that you can 3DPrint and add to your collection of Pickle Rick and Morty prints.

This model was designed by Andreas Dybdhal.


Well, I still don’t want to watch Rick and Morty, but I can agree that their fans did a great job on designing, printing and finishing this model. For what I can observe, I see a lot of makers making an effort to finishing their 3dprints to be faithful to its origin.

On MyMiniFactory you can find a lot of more models originated from Rick and Morty, and soon I may write a second list.

Check out my previous list: Random Models from Thingiverse

Let me know what you think of this list, and if you print one of this models, let us know in the comments below!

Morty: “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come to the 3dprinter.”

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  • Richard Bynum

    Nice! I’ve watched this cartoon from the beginning and at first I didn’t “get it” either but as time went by they’ve thrown in some pretty cool science and brain twisters that keeps me hanging on. The “Pickle Rick” episode is a little macabre but Rick did what he had to do to stay alive as a pickle..Which was a crazy thing to want to be in the first place! haha. Those 3D prints are spot-on! Even down to the shade of colors they painted on them. That’s serious dedication!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Rick and Morty models to buy in any stores and if there’s some I’m sure they haven’t come out with anything like what these people printed out. Thats why I love personal 3D Printers so much! The possibilities are endless! You can make a “one-off” of anything that no-one else has. You can make anything you want in your own home and no-one can say anything about it! More power to the Rick and Morty 3D printer fan club! Those are awesome!

  • Tom Baxter

    Pickle Rick! This is awesome!

  • Juan Solis

    I should give Rick and Morty a try, it remember me to Billy & Mandy, at first it just didn’t catch my eye, but when I saw it I really enjoyed it. As far the models this is my favorite:
    I have to admit it looks very funny.