Prusa i3 MK3 – New Features

The Prusa i3 MK3 is the successor to the most beloved 3D printer on the market, now the Prusa i3 Mk3 seeks to improve on the great performance of the MK2 by adding lots of smart new features. Here is a list so you can quickly see if the MK3 is the right printer for you.


MK3 Prusa Filament Sensor

Prusa i3 MK3´s Filament sensor

The Prusa i3 MK3 has a laser filament sensor; that you guessed it, senses filament. The sensor will automatically pause the filament is not detected. The sensor also allows you to automatically load filament. It will detect when your loading filament and guide it directly into the extruder. No more struggling to get the initial grip to load filament.


Bondtech extruder

Bondtech extruder

Prusa MK3 now comes with dual bondtech extruder gears. Bondtech are some of if not the best extruder gears on the market so adding them to one of the best printers on the market is a match made in heaven. Even better is that you’re getting two so the filament is being gripped from both sides. So there is no chance of losing grip on your filament with the MK3


RPM Sensing Noctua Fans

Prusa MK3 RPM Sensing Fans

The new print head will running a 40mm Noctua Fan, which is a great example for the Prusa team incorporating popular mods into their future models. This new 40mm fan will be even quieter than the one found on the MK2 along with being 10mm larger so can provide the same cooling performance at lower speeds. This also has been given software control using a PWM header so you will be able to set specific fan speeds at different points in the print.

Ambient Thermistor and P.I.N.D.A 2

Adding to the additional smart features of the MK3 is the new PINDA probe that now comes with a thermistor as well as adding an additional ambient thermistor, bringing the total up to four thermistors in the printer. These will give temperature readings in both the PINDA probe and the surrounding environment so any significant temperature changes will be detected and compensated for. Accidently leaving the door or window open and the wind changing on you will no longer kill your prints.

New Y axis

The new Y axis is using Aluminum extrusions increasing the frame rigidity and was also another very popular mod for the MK2. Now as standard on the MK3 in addition to being more rigid it also has added an additional 10mm of Z high to the frame so now you can squeeze something just a little bigger in while we all pray for a MK3 XL

Using A Magnetic MK52 Heatbed

Magnetic MK52 Heatbed

The new heated bed has a detachable flexible steel plate that allows you to quickly swap plates and get right back to printing. In addition the steel has also been powder coated with PEI this is a much more durable PEI sheet and you won’t accidently take chunks out of when your removing prints. Prusa will also be selling additional sheets soon after launch.

Power loss protection

Another much requested and increasingly common feature on printers is power loss protection and  it’s great to see it come to the MK3. The printer can now recover from black and brown outs so you don’t have to worry about getting a UPS now keeping the cost of ownership even lower.


EINSY RAMBo Motherboard

Now we come to the really good stuff the new motherboard of the MK3. In partnership with Ultimachine the new EINSY RAMBo board is more compact has dedicated points to make all these new features seamlessly hook up to the board. No need for clunky additional breakout boards. It can detect blown fuses and runs on 24 volts.

Trinamic 2130 drivers with layer shift detection, faster and silent printing

These new drivers on the ENSY RAMBo allow for incredibly precise 256 microstepping and are perfectly tuned for even quieter operation. Another great feature that these new drivers bring is that they can detect skipped steps and layer shifting. Correcting for it before you get a print looking like a piece of modern art. Not only are they smart but they are allowing the printer to comfortably print up to 200mms!   


Ready for OctoPrint

Prusa i3 MK3 Ready for OctoPrint

The new EINSY RAMBo has direct power and data ports on the bottom for a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Allowing for the most seamless addition of octoprint yet! Allowing you to have your new smarter printer hooked up to of the smartest printer control platforms.

All of these features will surely add up to make the OG i3 even better which a lot of people are going to be extremely excited about, count me among them. The MK3 will start shipping pre ordered machines in November 2017

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  • Tom Baxter

    Prusa is a really solid company and printer. There’s a reason everyone clones their designs. One day I will be able to afford my own!

  • Tom Baxter

    Also, really liking the filament sensor.

  • Sumit Trivedi

    Prusa i3 MK3 is really a great invention with is immaculate features. Hats off to the designers. And this blog explains all the details in a really interesting manner.

    • Tom Baxter

      I agree. Maybe with the release of the mk3, the mk2 prices will drop to where I can get one!

  • eduardo martini

    Cannot wait to see one live!!

  • mmeul

    Cant wait to buy one

  • Richard Bynum

    I hope by now most companies are stepping up their printers to compete with these big name companies. I love the fact that the bed sheet is magnetic and can be removed and switched in a few seconds! Plus having a coating on the bed sheet that won’t come off with the print sounds great. It’s these small things that add up to make a great product! I would love to have it, but my bank account said NO! So that’s why I’m begging for a company to copy it and sell a cheaper version! haha

  • Juan Solis

    Prusa is my favorite brand, their price/quality ratio is the best by far.

  • Daniel Waldner

    So many great features… A must for people who just want a reliable day to day use printer without requiring constant adjustment. Some people just want to print , and not have to understand all the machanics and technical intricacies that go along with these machines. Along if you buy a Prusa..I think it’s a good chance you are of the type who isn’t afraid to do a little tinkering. Seems to me this machine is a mix of two worlds…

  • Darren

    Great looking machine that I will have to try out for sure.