Free – Microsoft 3D Builder

Microsoft is providing free 3D Builder software with their operating systems and even the Xbox.  In 2013 Microsoft acquired the rights to 3D Builder through a partnership with Materialize.

What Is Microsoft 3D Builder?

3D Builder comes installed by default with Windows 10.  The program is comparable to Tinkercad as it allows the user to build 3D projects using geographic shapes.

3D Builder is Free

The software is free for download from the Microsoft store.  It will even allow the user to import in scanned objects or projects from other software packages.  The software also provides for repairing an image before printing.  Files created on 3D Builder can also be exported to 3MF, OBJ, STL, or PLY formats.

Where is 3D Builder?

3D Builder can be downloaded from HERE.  Also, it is provided with many other languages.


In conclusion, 3D Builder from Microsoft is a free tool in the 3D printing toolbox. Just like Tinkercad, it gives a new user an easy way into the hobby.

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