Essentium has Partnered with Magigoo

Magigoo has already been known for one of the best methods of keeping projects stuck to the bed.  In a joint effort with Essentium, Maggigoo owned by Malta-based Thought 2D.  A new polymer formulated for use in high-speed Fused Deposition Modeling.


Magigoo s a Smart adhesive, in that it perfectly holds your projects on the bed even preventing warping.  As a result, the dislodged project runs the possibility of causing damage to the printer or having to restart a project that has already been printed for an extensive length of time.

Essentium 3D

Essentium 3D printing bed adhesives bring Magigoo into the realm of industrial high-speed printing.  They include four varieties starting with standard filaments, compatible with Nylon filaments, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filaments, and High-Temperature filaments.  This product is available now.

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