Dom Riccobene Blows up the internet With his 3d printed san Andreas map

400 hours is the amount of time it took
Dom Riccobene to print out his incredibly accurate map of San Andreas,
And a couple of minutes to blow up the internet.
Released in 1997 by Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design), The action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto has several standalone titles and expansion packs.
The third release in 2001 GTA 3 is considered a landmark game,

As it gave the series a more 3-dimensional setting and a fully immersive experience.

3D printed GTA: San Andreas map, Source: Dom Roccobene

Open-world gameplay where players complete missions to progress the story as well as side missions the franchise grew with each release,
Gathering fans from all across the world.
Dom Riccobene printed out the infamous US Fictional state using a 3D printer.
Using cartography and mapping software in Addition to a custom script that collected in-game ground elevations to simulate an accurately mapped game world.
He ended up mapping 500 million coordinates as well as a tiled elevation grid.
Some less detailed tiles took only an hour to print,
But complex urban areas with extensive architecture took up to 12 hours to print.

Riccobene pans to Map out Red Dead Redemption next.

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