Creality Announces CR20 3D Printer

Creality announces the next model of their most successful 3D printer.

Creality Announces CR20 3D Printer

Creality CR20

Creality 3D have been riding high on the success for the CR10 and now two years after that printer put them on the map; They have announced the CR20 in this video. This seems to be an iterative upgrade on the CR10 with most of the hardware on the Z and X axis remaining the same as the stock Cr10. So we can expect the same great print quality, hopefully at a still affordable price. Hopefully, there will be more detailed preview coming soon but just from this short video, we can tell a few things about the printer.

New features

Removal of umbilical box

Say goodbye to the umbilical box. A popular mod for the Cr10 was to remove the control box and mount the components under the heated bed. Either in a custom made box like in this video. Now all the components are housed under the printer in a custom enclosure.

Buildtak like surface.

The CrR10 now comes with a Buildtak like sheet, to allow print bed adhesion without the need for glue or hairspray. Hopefully, Glass sheets will be available for all those of you out there who love printing onto glass.

Upgraded Screen and encoder wheel

The CR20 also has an updated screen and encoder wheel, now built into the printer itself. Unfortunately, we can’t see it in working in the video Creality recently posted. But it looks like we won’t be getting a colour or touch display.

Missing features

Now with this being the next generation of the CR 10, There are some features that I am sad to see are not included. Mainly any sign of auto bed leveling sensor. Which is strange as Creality just announced their own auto leveling add-on for the CR10 and S models. With the CR10 we would have liked to see it come as standard on the new model.  

The other missing addition we would have expected is a dual lead screw as standard. With the CR10’s Impressive build height of 300mm it can become unstable when pushing those numbers near their limit. Creality does also have an official dual lead screw addon for the CR10 so it’s very surprising to not see it here in the updated model.

Final thoughts

On the whole, we think this will be a great addition to the Creality line of printers and hopefully continue to bring affordable and quality printing to many more people. More information, images, and video will be available soon, and you can be sure we will keep you updated on this machine.




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  • Tom Baxter

    I agree. I definitely would have liked to see more of the add-on type upgrades available for the CR-10 incorporated into the CR-20. Other than build volume, I don’t think the official specs have been released. So maybe there’s still some hope. Although, I imagine that the CR-20 will come as a base model at first with a 20s model that includes the upgrades coming later down the road.

  • Bjørnar

    i might pick one of this up when the specs gets official

  • Tom Baxter

    I found this list of specs for the CR 20.

    Make: Creality
    Model: CR-20
    Technology: FDM
    Frame: Cartesian
    Year: 2018
    Category: Desktop, Kit
    Print area: 220 ✕ 220 ✕ 250 mm
    Max. bed temp: 100°C
    Nozzle size: –
    Max. nozzle temp: 260°C
    Max. Z-axis resolution: –
    Z-axis accuracy: –
    X/Y-axis accuracy: –
    Max. print speed: –
    Max. travel speed: –
    3rd Party material compatibility: –
    Interface: LCD Display
    Boxed size: 475 ✕ 460 ✕ 270 mm
    Printer size: 420 ✕ 410 ✕ 470 mm
    Packaged weight: 9.5 kg
    Printer weight: 7.5kg
    Power input: 24V / 270W

  • Rick Rude

    I’d like to try this thing out