3DPrinting for Christmas – Models that you need to print

Christmas is comming...

2017 is coming to an end, and Christmas is around the corner…  So today I will list you models that you should have around your home and to get the Christmas Spirit… And we may have a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past…

Articulated Christmas Toys

3DPrinting for Christmas Toys


Look at this family! They are so cute! :3 This design was made by Sonia Verdu at bqLabs, that is the Innovation and Robotics department of BQ company. Like Funko toys, they are awesome to print at once and then just sand and paint!




Christmas Tree Drinks Dispenser

Christmas Tree Drinks Dispenser


For people that like a drink or two at Christmas night or to entertain kids with soft drinks, this model looks awesome. Designed by Reg Taylor, the foot can be scaled in Z-axis for taller or shorter classes. If you are curious to see how it works, there’s a video on Vimeo that you can check on this link. Also, Reg has a few other models under his account that worth a look.




Vase Mode Origami Snowflake Bauble

Christmas Snowflake


This model is one that you can put your kids to build with you. All the pieces get together like an origami. The model was designed bt Clockspring, and he has a few model on his account that worth a look. Including the Scary Spiders that I feature on my Halloween post. Like the Spiders, this Snowflake bauble is gorgeous and classy in the design. Totally worth a print and a place on your Christmas decoration.




Us – Cookies x Brazil – Rabanadas

I don’t know why Christmas in the US is so up to cookies… Because in Brazil our love is with “Rabanada”. For you that don’t know what Rabanada is, I will show you a photo:

Rabanada: Bread, eggs, milk, and cinnamon for the win!

But since you like cookies, let me show you a collection:

Christmas Cookie Cutter Collection

This collection was designed by OogiMe. Apparently, they are specialized with Cookie Cutter and others kitchen helpers.

As always, that collection of models caught my attention because of the quality of the design and the final result, that apparently are tasteful cookies…

List of Cutters:

Santa Sleigh & Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Santa Sleigh & Reindeer Christmas


If you have an empty wall that needs a decoration for Christmas, this model is the one that you need to fit that blank space. Designed by Curt, he has a few utility models under his account, and this Decoration is one of them.




Super Mario Bros. Pixel Star Tree Topper

Mario Bros Star Tree Topper


Mario Bros Star is a classic. Now you can print one and use as your Tree Topper. This design was made by 3DCentral. It’s a model designed to be scaled up and down to fit on your tree. I would print one to decorate my house during all year, not only on Christmas.





Also, the top of my Christmas Tree has an owner:

Christmas Minion

To complete your tree with the Mario Bro’s Star, we have:

Super Mario Christmas Ornaments

Mario 8Bit Christmas


Why not have 8Bit Mario on your tree? This cool, geometric design was made by Gino Peres, and you have 4 options: Gumba, Mario, Yoshi Egg and Live/Grow Up Mushroom. With them, you can complete your tree, since we have the Mario Star for the top!





Star Wars The Last Jedi is coming up this week. And what about have a Stormtrooper on your tree?

StormTrooper Angel

Stormtrooper Angel



This Angel Stormtrooper is the ornament that your tree is missing for this Christmas! The Angel was designed by Ricardo Salomao and he has a lot of models under his account that worth a check, from swords to vases, and of course, this Stormtrooper that it’s just waiting for a space on your Christmas!




Last but not least…

If you don’t have a Christmas Tree you might print one!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree


Designed as a vase, this tree it’s perfect for your Christmas. The shining of the plastic used in the photos(PETG) is gorgeous. Congrats to IDIG3D that designed this model with such details!





Well, let me know in the comments below what you think about of this list and which models you will print!

Check out my previous post about Jewellery and 3DPrinting. Please do. I would love to hear from you!

That’s all folks!

Obs: *All the images displayed here are from the model’s sources on My Mini Factory and Thingiverse.

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  • Stuart Hawton

    Wow thanks if I get a 3D Printer for Christmas because it is number one on my list I will have to make those next year.

  • Richard Bynum

    HA! I got a kick out of the Angle Stormtrooper! That’s funny! The Christmas Tree has a cool shine to it from all the corners and edges. It’s really cool! It would be really cool to start a small Christmas village and each year add to it. My grandmother worked on buying a new part for hers each year and now it’s an amazing Christmas display! That would be a fun Christmas tradition

  • Derek Thomas

    Great read I have printed the Santa by Sonia Verdu at bqLabs in Glow in the dark Green PLA

  • Tom Baxter

    This is a good list Lays. Thank you. I tried the tree once but ended up with a half a tree and spaghetti. I’m going to try again in a translucent green PLA I just hot.

  • Justin-F

    I printed the Christmas Tree in September for my wife she wanted lights in it, and it looks really cool.

  • Sumit Trivedi

    The ‘Star Wars’ idea with the help of a 3D printer is a great one. Also, the shining Christmas tree could also be printed easily. All-in-all, brilliant ideas to enhance the joy of this festive season.

  • Juan Solis

    The drinks dispenser looks pretty fun, plenty of my friends are tequila enthusiasts so I should give it a try.

  • JUlie

    wow would love to own one of these printers the endless possibilities..