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3Dprinterchat.com offers a great site for those that want to learn more about 3D printing. Here you will find the latest News from the rapidly growing 3D Printing Industry, plus answers to all the big questions like ‘What is 3D printing?’, ‘How the hell does it work?’ and ‘Will it stop shaking?’ You may also find the best source on 3d Printing History.
Our Journalists and Authors will frequently add more content to the site Showing You The Latest News, How to´s and Much more

The Team at 3D Printer Chat

Håkan Fägnell – Head Writer/ Editor

Håkan Fägnell Started 3DPrinterChat.com and is a content marketer who formerly worked out of AddGeek´s Stockholm office. A writer by day and a reader by night, he is loathe to discuss himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.

Chola ElangeswaranAuthor / Technical Testing

Chola is a research engineer working on metal additive manufacturing technologies and mechanical fatigue. He lives in Belgium as a mostly-outdoor character. He is a 3D printing hobbyist and writes for 3DPrinterChat.

Diana Segura – Author / News from the 3D Printing Industry 

Im Diana Segura and my Passion is Nerdy Boys and their Tech-toys. About me: Originally from Mexico, 23 years old have a degree in engineering. I love writing about Technology and 3D Printing. You’ll find me mostly under the News section but i do jump over to other categories every now and then. 🙂

Chris Garrett – Author / Podcast Host

Chris is an Author at 3DPrinterChat.Com but he also writes at his own site, MakerHacks.com and teaches technology around the web, and the world. He is the Admin of three big 3D Printing and Maker Facebook groups.  If You haven’t yet you should listen to The Podcast.

Joshua Carr – Author / Lab Testing

My name is Joshua Carr. I’ve always loved building and tinkering since I was a little kid. That love has continued at the University of Central Florida where I’m pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. My home town is Spring Hill, Florida but I now live in Olrando, Florida with my fiancé Heather while we’re at UCF. My specialty is CAD design for 3D printing using mostly Solidworks.

Nick Kalogeropoulos – Author

Nick is just a 1st year Mechanical Engineering student at Imperial College London that was looking for a summer job, and was lucky enough to stumble upon one of Hakan’s ads on Facebook. He has been using Solidworks for 5 years but seretly adores Maya, and believes that people who like Rhino are crazy. Best advice he has to give would be to “Enable Solidworks Backup” and “Transparent filament is the best filament”.

Miles scott – Author / Podcast Host – Left Position in Jan 2020

Miles Scott is working at 3DPrinterChat as A Podcast Host as well as A Writer – Miles is also a 3d printing enthusiast always looking for a way to do cool new things with any technology. He has been diving head first into 3d printing since 2012. Miles is the moderator of the ‘3D printing’ Facebook group, that just recently passed 50k members. And Loves posting Gifs as answers. From 2020 Miles Scott No Longer works with 3D Printer Chat. We are sorry to see him go. 

Italo Soares – Author / In Depth Technical Wiz

Italo Soares is the founder of 3DCreator Brazil an author for 3DPrinterChat, . He lives in São Paulo – Brazil with his family and a his pets (two dogs, one cat). His latest 3DPrinter project, 3DCreatorDUO, is conquering its space worldwide, featuring the fatest available dual color printing.facebook.com/italocjs Email Italo Linked-In

Stan Baldwin  – Author / Filament testing / Instructor 3DPE Courses

Stan Baldwin runs a 3D-PT which is a small 3D printing company started by a science teacher with autism. He has a background in CAD and science education, and believes that 3D printing can be used to help the world. 3D-PT develops products for people with autism and other disabilities. 3D-PT is also developing 3D printable products for education. 3D-PT is online at 3dpt.club Twitter: @3dfidgets

Nathan Cox  – Author / News from the 3D Printing Industry

I’m a tinker at heart. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was Born with a ratchet in one hand and a screw driver in the other. Needles to say the doctors had questions for my mother. I love RC,3d printing and well just about everything electronic. Most days though I’m just a Mad Engineer.

Lays Rodrigues Contributor

Lays Rodrigues is a Brazilian developer trying to make the 3DPrinting world a better place. She’s a blogger on 3DPrinterChat since 2016 and works on the development of a new open source printer host called Atelier(atelier.kde.org). You can find her on Twitter and Telegram as lays147.

Mike Musick aka. ixmerlinxi – Marlin specialist

Gregory Fenton – Tech Specialist / Site Munger / BOFH / Backend Server Specialist / Co-Lead Contact
Greg loves playing with 3D printers and is currently focussing on the resin printer trend.
He can be found on Twitter https://twitter.com/gregoryfenton or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fentong
Greg is also a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Exams and Syllabus Review Group  (ESRG) https://rsgb.org/main/about-us/committees/examination-standards-committee/exams-group/members/

Alexis Puentes – Contributor / Forum Keymaster

Robbie Pearson – Contributor 

Evan Morgan – Author / How To Series

Joe Niznek aka. Aphla5 – Contributor 

Jarred Baines – Author

Telli Mantelli – Author / Technical Documentation


Right from the start the printing industry has been at the core of how we keep ourselves up to date with the world around us. Print media as a forum has benefited us by means of bringing us the news day in, day out, it has entertained us by means of marketing done and many more avenues as well. Some today will remember the guzzling sound of the dot matrix – but that was only the beginning. The facts, figures, shapes, graphs and pictures on your computer screen very slowly started to manifest through the cartridge of a printer and right on to paper.

To some of us it became a necessity, to others it became a hobby and then some.


However today where technology runs the world, technology has evolved manifold and thus so has 3D printing. Its evolution has been from the days of the dot matrix to the introduction of color printing then finer laser printing, glossy art printing and now finally we see many applications of the same in the form of 3D Printing. And even though it hit the markets just recently the applications, advantages and uses seem never ending. Throughout industry it’s practical applications and even for the private individual 3D printing offers a world of uses.

So many that its users seem to want more and more information on how to effectively put to use their new lean machine. Materializing their thoughts, their designs and much more 3D printer users often go out on the lookout for more – well you’ve come to the right place.


At www.3dprinterchat.com we are the home of all things 3D-Printing, presenting news, views, the latest scoops, information on applications and models coming out, scopes, models and much more – we are a full on packed forum for people who are either existing users, on the lookout for their first 3Dprinter or are trying to find the right model to meet their demands. Thinking of ourselves as enablers, we are passionate about the forum we’ve built, not only do you get to be a part of a community but also can discuss the latest in 3D printing technology with like-minded enthusiasts like yourselves.

We believe in the ability of people to express themselves and even more so in a world which more than ever is evolving more and more towards a standardized model. So if your head is full of ideas, designs and the like find more information on how to formalize them, materialize them and much via 3D Printing. Creation is empowerment, use your imagination to think, create and inspire others around you. For more on how to perfect skills in 3D printing look out for the many articles we post.


Updated every day around the clock, keep in touch with the latest news and reviews you are also able to sign up for a regular newsletter from us. Catering your many needs, assisting and helping you in improving your own skills our aim is to be your prime source for information on all things 3Dprinting. And while that’s all what we achieve for you, our aim alongside is also to make 3D printing accessible to all.

Right from the basics we answer all questions for you, from what is 3Dprinting? To which printer to get? To what and which materials to use to get the right results! Make us your info portal.

Simply visit our Register page and register yourself, sign up to net alerts on the latest news and articles. Remember our team of experts is always at hand to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking to submit copy you do so by contacting one of our 3dprinting enthusiasts below. A lot of our users are avid readers so we aim at providing them with quality info only.

We at 3dPrinterChat.com Hope you will stay with us and comment on our blogs to make us better! 🙂