5 3d-print ideas for your Valentine’s

Valentine, The holiday of love is approaching, so here are a few suggestions for quick-and-easy homemade 3D-printed gifts for your special someone.

3d-printed jewellery

We’ve as well talked about 3D-printed jewellery in the past. When you have access to a 3D printer, creating your jewellery is incredibly simple, and the internet is filled with a wealth of design options.

3d printed frame

You should celebrate being in love and keep as many memories and stories of the unique connection you have with your partner as you can. Your partner will feel extra special if you decorate your home with Valentine’s Day art before the big day.
This Romantic Love Frame Picture is a nice place to start because it has a cute design and an integrated picture frame.

When searching for this kind of art, taking your time is important. Everybody has different tastes, and if you don’t take into account their preferred art, it can be all too simple to produce something tacky.

A Rose

Sometimes simplicity is the best option.
We have this amazingly lifelike rose. It’s a two-part print (flower and stem) that can be put together by simply using glue afterwards. These roses will bloom much longer than real roses and look great in any colour!

Both parts don’t need support because of the incremental angles, and among the creations are colourful bouquets and sparkling flowers to get you in the mood.

lithophane photo cubes

For your Valentine’s Day 3D print, you could make a cute light-up lithophane photo cube rather than one that hangs in a window. This Lithophane Light Structure gives you the essential components you require, making it a great place to start. For this project, you will need to make your lithophanes, but it should be simple to do so with the help of the instructions provided on the main project page.

For this idea, you might think about looking through photos from various stages of your relationship, giving you practically unlimited options for creative concepts.

3d printed pet

Everybody adores their animals (sometimes even more than their other half). You can find a present that will be suitable for your partner, regardless of whether they have a dog, cat, lizard, or any other kind of furry or scaled friend. How else can you demonstrate that you share their love for their pet?
In conclusion, a thoughtful gift goes a long way in a relationship and a 3D-printed gift covers all the dimensions (it’s a bad joke I know)

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