3DOS aims to create “the world’s largest” on-demand manufacturing network based on blockchain.

3DOS is revolutionizing the 3D creator economy and 3D designers in the same way that YouTube revolutionized the video industry by allowing anyone to simply upload a video and reach a wider audience than traditional media.

Anyone – brands, celebrities, influencers –

would be able to take a product to market,

creating merchandise with almost no risk, with a single click, according to a press release.

The Silicon Valley startup shares its ambitious goal of building the “world’s largest on-demand manufacturing network” on the blockchain.

Creating a better supply chain

The slow supply chain process from design to production to delivery is the issue that 3DOS seeks to address. According to the company, going to market still costs a lot of money, hence the idea of enabling manufacturing anywhere.
John Dogru, the founder of 3DPrinterOs, a platform that operates under the umbrella of 3D Control Systems, is the innovator behind this new venture. It connects desktop 3D printers to a network in the same way that desktop PCs connect to a server.

How does the on-demand manufacturing network of 3DOS work?

“3DOS’s vision is to build the world’s largest peer-to-peer manufacturing network, allowing anyone to upload a design, earn royalties, and have it manufactured anywhere in the world.”

“3DOS instantly connects demand and supply in real-time,

allowing products to be made on-demand locally: no waste, no inventory, and no international shipping,” said John Dogru, CEO and Founder of 3DOS.
To accomplish this, the platform leverages the 3DPrinterOS infrastructure to build a manufacturing network through which users can request a build and have it routed to an appropriate manufacturing operation.

According to the company,

there are currently 9 million designs in 3DPrinterOS that will be migrated to the 3DOS blockchain.

Royalties for Designers

Furthermore, they anticipate that their minimum viable product (MVP) will launch by charging a flat $10 fee for each design or product uploaded to the network,

allowing designers to earn royalties each time their designs are printed.
firms must protect their royalties and ensure authenticity as the global supply chain shifts to decentralized localized manufacturing. That is why we began working on 3DOS. The network employs blockchain technology based on NFTs.

The company concludes by allowing anyone to upload a design,

receive royalties, and have it made anywhere in the world on demand.
The three-in-one concept, which allows for design,

manufacturing, and monetization all on one platform, appears to be the next big thing in manufacturing.

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