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  • Gordon,

    I have just purchased the same printer. I’m glad you’re getting on well with it, I had some absolute disasters to start with. Finally found some decent filament from Florence Tech and all seems to be good now, Brian is absolutely right about the settings, get it checked. What sort of prints are you doing?

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  • Do you know?
    A long thin line can creat a lot of incredible objects for you.
    Our company have many kind of filament,enough to meet your requirements.
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  • My Anet A8 makes beautiful prints unless the print is tall. At about 70mm the accumulated vertical error becomes noticeable with the print nozzle beginning to drag on the print surfaces By 80mm the print nozzle is tearing the print piece loose from the heated bed. I use Craftware for slicing and g-code production. Is there some setting I am…[Read more]

  • I will try to elaborate.

    Go to the “3D Printing Related Questions” section of the site by clicking on the link I included in my original post.

    Click on one of the questions posted there.

    For both the question as well as answers there are stars you can click on to vote on the question as well as how good the answers are.

    When I vote, they…[Read more]

  • Hello buddy, I don’t understand your means?

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  • Hello,guys and buddies. As we know 3D printers have a great influence in our life.
    Recently, I want to replace my printer motherboard, does anybody know about that MKS base can be replaced by RAMPS 1.4?
    Can any type of printer replaced by this motherboard?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Kodama, who you know from the hit Trinus 3D printer and now the soon to be released Obsidian 3D printer.  I and others who purchased the right to be the first own these, have heard the grumblings coming from the […]

    • This was a very thorough and interesting read. Thank you, Henry Jolly, for getting this information to us. I too am a backer and wish it would come sooner but, I know these things take time if you want it done right and not have it rushed.

    • Honestly some sort of word a bit sooner would have been nice. I thought given the success of your previous project that this one would be at least somewhat likely to come on time. Still looking forward to getting the printer, but if I hadn’t already paid for this one I would have just bought an on market printer given this delay.

      • While I found the initial lack of information to be a tad jarring, I was able to easily understand the situation once the information was released. Sure I’d like to own a 3d printer right now but I’d rather spend my money backing a company, lead by someone that actually gives a crap about his customers (and not just the bottom dollar). I got the feeling right from when I put my money down on this product that this was a company that I could trust (and those are few and far between these days). The fact that we’re still waiting for this product is proof of that (imo). They could have just choked out some barely functional hunk of plastic and metal for us and called it a day (like many companies in this day and age would do given this level of pressure).

        Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Michael!

    • Good article Henry. Good questions too. I may have a little better opinion on the Kickstarter 3D printers now. I’m still not ready to pull the trigger and back one though. 🙂 Looking forward to the review when you get yours.

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  • So I have asked and answered several questions in the new “3D Printing Related Questions” section.
    The voting button does not work. I have tried to vote for both questions and answers that I liked, but my vote never “sticks”. It appears to take the vote and shows the number of stars I picked. When you go out…[Read more]

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  • Brian & Tom I was starting to think no one was even going to read this! Lol. I’m glad I’m not alone in my thinking.


    I’d rather spend my time in Fusion 360 or working with my 3d printer rather then trying to win a new printer

    Exactly my point!! Thank you.

    I have only seen an active user win a printer once.

    Wow. SMH. That’s sad.
    < …

    [Read more]

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  • Good luck getting anything to happen. I have called out numerous posts like this, but nothing ever happens. I just try to put a reply in the thread so if the post has any links, people are aware it’s spam before clicking on a potentially unsafe link.

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