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A tequila brand plans to 3D print homes in Mexico for a charitable cause.

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Celaya Tequila, the delightful small-batch tequila brand, has just announced an exciting charitable partnership with New Story, a non-profit organization that is on a mission to put an end to global homelessness.

This collaboration aims to make a difference by donating a portion of the proceeds from each Celaya Tequila bottle sold to an affordable housing project in Jalisco, Mexico, where homes are 3D printed.

New Story has been in action since 2014,

and their remarkable efforts have already helped over 15,000 people find affordable housing in countries like Bolivia, El Salvador, Mexico, and Haiti.

By leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing construction technologies and utilizing eco-friendly materials like Lavacrete, this non-profit organization aims to impact the lives of 1 million people by 2030.

Lavacrete from ICON

Now, you may be wondering, what is Lavacrete? It’s a groundbreaking construction 3D printing material developed by a company called ICON.

The materials science team at ICON specifically designed Lavacrete to be highly printable and strong, perfect for use in their Vulcan home-sized 3D printers.

Celaya Tequila is thrilled to partner with New Story because they believe it will provide quality housing for many families in the region who have been overlooked by the housing market and cannot secure safe homes. These families include agave growers, distillery workers, and the broader Jalisco community.

Matt Kalil, Co-Founder of Celaya Tequila, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Despite the global success of tequila, the residents of Jalisco have been left behind. That’s why we’re so excited to join forces with New Story and build new homes in the area.”

This initiative will make home and land ownership more accessible for vulnerable families throughout Jalisco, which Celaya Tequila fondly refers to as the “beating heart” of the tequila industry.

New Story is dedicated to fostering an inclusive housing market across Latin America through innovation, investments, and partnerships, all while working towards its ambitious goal of providing adequate housing for everyone by 2030.

Brett Hagler, the CEO of New Story, acknowledges the vital contribution of the creative community of Jalisco to the tequila industry.

He expressed his gratitude for the partnership with Celaya Tequila, saying, “Many families who produce the world’s best tequila lack the basic human right of having a proper home. We are honoured to work together with Celaya Tequila to change that.”

Ryan Kalil, Co-Founder of Celaya Tequila, added, “We cannot forget the people of Jalisco and their commitment to excellence. Our friends at New Story provide us with the best opportunity to give back to these communities in meaningful ways.”

A look at ICON

It’s worth noting that ICON, the developer of Lavacrete, is no stranger to innovation.

They were awarded a remarkable $57.2 million contract from NASA in November

In 2018,

they also built what they proudly refer to as the “first permitted 3D printed home” in the United States.

With this incredible partnership between Celaya Tequila and New Story,

they are not only bringing positive change to the lives of many families in Jalisco but also demonstrating how the private sector can make a meaningful impact on global issues like homelessness.

Together, they are proving that when tequila and compassion come together, they can create a brighter and more secure future for those in need.

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