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A Reddit user uses 3D prints to recreate functional clocks and a jukebox from the game Minecraft.

Although the Minecraft store offers a wide variety of unique goods and outfits, Reddit user Perplexr has elevated things with their functional 3D-printed builds.

The most recent design is an Overworld clock that functions perfectly and displays the day and night cycles from the show.

The clock gradually rotates to show the sun or moon throughout the day for those who are not familiar with its workings.

The build of Perplexr operates similarly because it rotates according to the conventional 24-hour time zone.
This 3D-printed design was created using an older texture pack as a starting point, and then it fully developed into a new creation with the most recent release.

The maker not only created a functional clock,

but they also built a working jukebox to play the catchy music from the franchise.

Some of the songs, like Music Disc 13,

Music Disc Pigstep, and Music Disc Otherside, might sound familiar to you.

The 15 soundtracks heard throughout the Overworld,

from the perilous Woodland Mansion to the powerful Ancient City,

appear to be included in the 3D-printed object as well.
On several posts

Perplexr has expressed their admiration for actual Minecraft items and has promised to create more 3D artwork in the future.

Fans can probably anticipate additional builds from the Trails and Tales update, which also includes Archaeology,

the Cherry Blossom biome, Armor Trims, and the Sniffer, in light of this.

Axolotl desk toys, TNT/Creeper candles, and ore desk lamps are some future designs that players can anticipate in addition to these prints.

Reddit users have suggested that Perplexr create more things, such as a functional compass for in-person explorations.

minecraft clock and jukebox

But for the time being, crafters can look forward to the following amazing 3D print

, especially with the launch of the upcoming update and Minecraft Legends.

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