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A New High-Precision 3D Scanner by 3DMakerPro

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The renowned 3D scanner manufacturer, 3DMakerpro, has unveiled its latest creation – the Seal 3D scanner. This compact and user-friendly device promises exceptional accuracy and resolution. Starting from August 29th, you can find the Seal on Indiegogo. Let’s delve into what makes this 3D scanner special.

Why you should check out the Seal from 3DMakerPro

Key Features of the Seal 3D Scanner:
The Seal 3D scanner is all about capturing intricate details. With an astonishing accuracy of 0.01mm and a resolution of 0.05mm, it offers up to 5 times the precision of similar scanners. This means you can create highly detailed 3D models effortlessly. The Seal employs special optical lenses to minimize shaking during scanning, resulting in better results and smoother scanning experiences.

User-Friendly Design:
The Seal comes with a Smart Grip gimbal that gives you freedom while scanning. You can adjust the scan range with the Scan Distance Indicator and start or finish scanning with just one click. Plus, the Smart Grip includes a powerful 10,000 mAh battery, providing up to 240 minutes of continuous scanning or around 100 scan sessions when fully charged. The Seal’s 24-bit High-Definition Color Texture Camera boasts a top-notch CMOS image sensor, capable of capturing objects with astonishing accuracy and over 16 million colours for lifelike textures.

Compact and Quiet:
Measuring a mere 110 x 60 x 35mm and weighing only 200g (or 190g for the Seal Lite), the Seal is incredibly portable, letting you scan 3D objects anywhere you like, even in bright sunlight. It’s also impressively quiet, with excellent heat dissipation and no fan noise, ensuring a peaceful 3D scanning experience.

Advanced Scanning Techniques:
Unlike traditional LED or NIR light sources, the Seal uses blue light with a shorter wavelength (400-500 nanometers). This structured light enhances scanning accuracy and image resolution, allowing you to capture even the tiniest details like concavities, textures, and edges. The Seal also incorporates AI visual tracking, eliminating the need for markers during scanning. It offers various scanning modes, including Turntable, Handheld, and a combination of both.

Professional-Grade Turntable:
3DMakerpro provides a multi-axis turntable specially designed for the Seal. This smart turntable ensures multi-angle model scanning, enhancing the quality of your 3D scans. It features a 90° swivel for full 3-sided scanning, a customizable fixture for securing objects of various sizes, and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless interaction with the Seal.

Easy-to-Use Software:
The Seal comes with user-friendly JMStudio software, perfect for beginners. It offers clear guides and regular updates, streamlining each operation and saving you time.


The 3DMakerpro Seal 3D scanner is an excellent choice for creating highly detailed 3D models and parts. Its impressive accuracy and resolution pave the way for accurate 3D printing. With its compact size, ease of use, and advanced features, the Seal is set to make 3D scanning accessible to everyone.Founded in 2015 as a branch of Shenzhen Jimuyida Technology Co., Ltd, 3DMakerpro is a prominent name in the 3D scanning industry. With a team of over 100 research and development specialists and an investment of over $30 million, 3DMakerpro has developed several cutting-edge software algorithms, including multi-spectral projection, visual tracking, and automatic model processing.

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