6 Taboos of 3D Printing

3D printed revolver that fires .22 LR

DISCLAIMER: Adult content and language.

What are the Taboos of 3D printing? Technology is like the Force; it has a light side, and taboos on the dark side, and it holds the universe together. 3D printing is no exception.
3D printing is being used for many amazing purposes (I’ll write about those latter), and it’s safe to say the benefits can far outweigh any risk. However like all technology, it is not without its dark side. Just like the internet brought us instant communication, it also oozes with porn and trolls. There are some things that the 3D printing community may not always like to admit is around. While some may argue about what is taboo, I’ll present my top 6 taboos of 3D printing.

3D Printed Guns

The biggest controversy in 3D printing is 3D printing guns. Defense Distributed and FOSSCAD are producing 3D printed lower receiver for AR-15 assault rifles, and others making whole 3D printed guns.

Liberator 3D printed pistol.
Liberator 3D printed pistol. Source: Defense Distributed

Gun control advocates are having a field day trying to deal with 3D printed guns. DD is fighting the Department of State to release the files for its Liberator pistol (See previous article).

While there is a fear that 3D printed guns will be used to commit the next mass shooting, other people just fear guns in general. 3D printed guns are feared because of the possibility that they can be undetectable to metal detectors. The government does not like them because they do not have to be registered or taxed (they are homemade). Anyone with a printer can make one, including the possibility of people who legally cannot own a gun.

In reality 3D printed guns are as dangerous to the shooter as the victim. 3D printed guns are not viable as a weapon for nefarious criminals. Despite this reality, 3D printed guns are the top taboo of 3D printing.

Rule #34 : 3D Printed Sex Toys

“Rule 34: There is porn of it.” 3D printing is no exception. If you search any file sharing site, you will find the files to 3D print anything from nude statues of antiquity to modern phallus. These sites are full of penis files, dick jokes and crass college humor.

A phallus made from a 3D printed mold.
A phallus made from a 3D printed mold. Source: SexShop3D

Thanks to 3D printing you no longer have to go to your local adult store to get a new toy. Instead of walking in and hoping no one you know is there, you can simply 3D print your own toy discreetly at home.
SexShop3D is an online service that sells the digital files for all types of sex toys. Designers can join and make money selling their designs, while the consumer can print them in their choice of color and size.

SexShop3D is unique in its service. Instead of selling you the file like an MP3, it streams the file to you. This is done to protect the designers’ IP rights, and ensure that multiple copies are not made. In the future, this business model may be copied by other business that do not want digital files released open source.

A boat modeled from the artist vagina.
A boat modeled from the artist vagina.

A artist in Japan, Megumi Igarashi, is facing jail time for 3D printing a boat modeled after her vagina.

Intellectual property and ©

Intellectual property (IP) is facing a whole scale revolt in the age of the internet. The music industry learned the hard way that digital file sharing cut into their own profits. Other companies fear that the IP for their products will be stolen. With 3D printing it has never been easier for the consumer to reverse engineer a product and make it themselves. There are files everywhere that directly rip off the IP rights of the original owner. IP rights can be violated by 3D printers intentionally or not.
For companies that rely on IP to protect their patents and property, 3D printing is a nightmare. Anyone can steal or leak the files used to produce their object, and once the physical object is in the public domain, anyone can reverse engineer it into a file for themselves.

Once a file is released, it is shared around the world through the dark net or normal file sharing sites. Any attempts to pull them back only bring attention to them (like the Liberator pistol) and increase their sharing.

Political Commentary

Some people think politics should not taint the innocents and creativity of 3D printing. Others have no problem using 3D printing to stir up a political shit storm. 3D printing has become a new form of the political cartoon.

Trump plug
Donald Trump anal plug.

Recently Fernando Sosa, a 31-year-old Florida artist, has created a series of but plugs featuring Donald Trump and Ted Cruse. In the interest of fair game, others have put different politicians on the end of the shaft.
Other people have made caricature’s, 3D printed political items, or made political swag.
As 3D printing becomes mainstream, more people will make political statements in 3D dimensions.


Custom medicine that uses 3D printing is a quantum leap in modern medicine. Every day you will see how 3D printing has benefited humanity, with everything from improve brain operations to affordable prostetic limbs.
However there is a future moral quandary that we will have to look at with 3D printing; the possibility of cloning a whole person.

Already it is possible to 3D print an organ from the healthy cells of a donor.

While complex organs are a few decades away, the possibility of 3D printing a clone will become more of a possibility as time passes.
Some have started to wonder already. An independent film “Caleb” is about to premier. In the film, a lonely boy 3D prints his own clone to the horror of his parents.


3D printers will have to consider the ethics of bio printing at home, and the possibility of producing clones.

Lock Picks and other Security Hacks

     Breaking and entering into private property is illegal without just cause; unless you’re the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA routinely violates civilian privacy by breaking into suitcases without just cause; My own bags have been “inspected” every time I have traveled the last 5 years (because we all know how dangerous science teachers are).

In which case, civilians are required to use the locks that TSA has the master keys to. However, that means that the TSA has to keep those master keys secure. TSA being the joke of a security service that it is, an officer showed a picture of the master set. Within a day, The GitHub files to 3D print the master keys were posted by a user called Xylitol.

Other lock picks can be found all around file sharing sites.

A famous designer that goes by SexyCyborg has designed a pair of 3D printed shoes with secret compartments. These hold lock picks and digital tools to hack into a buildings system, perfect for any fem fatal.

3D printed shoes designed, perfect for any fem fatal spy.
3D printed shoes designed, perfect for any fem fatal spy.


  1. I can’t imagine living in a place that would arrest me for printing a boat from the shape of my gogo stick! We are all lucky we have the freedoms that we do and even though we’re free to do so many different things there has always been a thing inside us that wants to push the envelope. I had the same train of thought when it comes to downloading music and movies from torrent sites. I just didn’t think it hurt anyone. Now we are able to 3D print the very “real life- in hand” objects that we buy at stores. I can now imagine the hurt it can cause. But for some reason, I still think I would print something out I really wanted if I had the chance. I think maybe for the fun of it, at first. Just to see if I could make something as good as what people buy in stores. But years from now when 3D printers start to show up in more and more homes I’m sure there’s going to be a bigger crack down on it! Better have fun now because it’s all going to be harder in the future I bet. People will start loading viruses in the files being downloaded to get people to second think about trying it. Then the tracing of our ip address when we download a file we shouldn’t. I’m not wanting to print a gun but I would like to make that boat!!! Nothing like going to the deep end in style! haha