3d printer market projection

3D printing trends for the next quarter of 2023

3d printing  market projection for 2021-2028

Are you interested in learning more about the 3D printing industry’s future in the upcoming quarter of 2023?

Well, we have some fascinating predictions, including financial projections, to share.
We can anticipate that the market for 3D printing will expand first and foremost. More businesses and individuals are probably going to invest in 3D printers as technology advances and become more widely available. Increased sales for 3D printing equipment producers, suppliers, as well as industry-supporting software and design companies, could result from this.

A fair projection of the 3d printing market size

But how much expansion should we anticipate? By 2023, the global 3D printing market, according to some analysts, could be worth about $40 billion.

To put this into perspective, the market had a value of about $12 billion in 2019. As a result, the increase is significant. Naturally, these predictions could change based on various variables, including alterations in the global economy and changes in consumer demand.
What then drives this growth?

The ongoing development of additive manufacturing technology is one of the causes.

The process is constantly being improved by manufacturers to make it quicker, more accurate, and more affordable.
This suggests that there may be new printers available that can print bigger things, with finer details, and in a wider variety of materials.
Another trend that is probably going to continue is the continued focus on sustainability.

Companies are looking for ways to make their products and process more environmentally friendly because people are becoming more and more concerned about climate change and the environment. This might entail energy-efficient printers, new methods for reducing waste, and new filaments made from recycled materials in the world of AM.

More crossovers between3D printing and other technology

Additionally, we can anticipate more technology fusion between 3D printing and other fields. For instance,

there are currently 3D printers that can print circuitry, and in the future, we might see more of these hybrid devices. Additionally, new tools that enable designers and engineers to create 3D models in a more immersive way may emerge with the development of virtual and augmented reality.
Finally, we should mention the development of fresh business strategies in the 3D printing sector. Alternative revenue streams are being investigated by some businesses, including renting out 3D printers to clients or providing pay-per-print printing services.

These models could aid businesses in increasing their customer base and generating more steady revenue streams.
Overall, this is an exciting time for the 3D printing industry.

We can anticipate continued innovation, financial investment, and new opportunities for both businesses and people. Watch this space in the coming months for additional developments!

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