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3D Printing Socks? Nah, Knit Them with a 3D-printed Machine Instead!

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Have you ever thought about 3D printing socks? Probably not, considering you’d likely end up with scratchy plastic foot coverings that would irritate your feet to no end. However, the world of 3D printing has a nifty solution for sock enthusiasts. Instead of attempting to 3D print socks directly, why not use 3D printing to create a machine that can knit them for you? Joshua De Lisle had this ingenious idea and brought it to life.

A Unique Sock-Knitting Machine:
What Joshua De Lisle designed is a straightforward yet fascinating device known as a circular sock machine. It might seem unusual to link 3D printing and sock-knitting, but this innovation is genuinely ingenious. This circular sock machine can create the comfortable tubular socks that we’re all familiar with. All it requires is some yarn and a simple hand-cranking of the mechanism, and voila! You’ll witness a sock being extruded right before your eyes.

Innovations and Improvements:

de lisle is 3d printing a sock

De Lisle didn’t stop at the initial design; he embarked on a journey of iterative improvements. He incorporated knitting machine hooks to handle the yarn directly, enhancing the machine’s functionality. Moreover, he instrumented the device with a digital counter to keep track of your sock’s progress, ensuring you’re always in the know about your creation.


At first glance, the idea of 3D printing a machine to knit socks might sound eccentric when mentioned to your friends. However, as we’ve seen with Joshua De Lisle’s project, innovation often starts with seemingly unconventional ideas. This 3D-printed sock knitting machine proves that when technology and creativity merge, remarkable solutions can emerge. So, don’t let scepticism deter you from exploring uncharted territories in 3D printing—it might just lead to the next big breakthrough!

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