3D Printing Groups on Facebook – Q1 2017

3D Printing groups on facebook
3D-Printing groups on facebook

Biggest 3DPrinting Groups on Facebook

Heres a list of 3D Printing Groups on Facebook and the amount of users each one has. If we missed a group or need to add one please comment below. Also we added the most seen Admin/Mod on each Group. As time goes we will make a new list every quarter so you can see how each group expands.

Biggest 3D Printing groups on Facebook PDF   –  <– THIS PDF IS THE FULL LIST (To add a group please comment below)

Also dont forget to follow our own group 3D Printer Chat on Facebook! Admins: Daniel Norée, Anton Månsson, Dustin Phillips and Håkan Fägnell.

3D Printing Groups on Facebook
3D Printing Groups on Facebook


  1. Great job adding some missing ones! Thsnks! Not to be picky, but…

    “Folgertech 3D Printers” has 3,767 and
    “Duplicator i3 (Di3) 3d Printer Group” has 7,576

    To br fair, those numbers should earn them a spot on the list as well. Both or which are great printers.

    The big surprise to me was looking up the LulzBot and Ultimaker groups – NEITHER of which is even CLOSE to being on this list, as the floor seems to be around 1,200 mrmbers.

  2. Relatively new group for the TRONXY printers (P802 Family).

    These printers are similar to the Anet (A8) Prusa copies but utilize a Melzi board. They are being distributed in the US and seem to be often shipped in place of the Anet units by some vendors . [On the good news front, those who receive them are not plagued with the Anet issues such as burnt connectors, flaming power supplies and requirements for aftermarket mosfets).


  3. Hi, don’t know if that list is open to non english speaking groups, but if it is, you can add some french speaking ones :
    _ Entraide Imprimante 3D (quite big group)
    _ Dagomaniacks (quite big too – dedicated to dagoma printers users)
    _ Impression 3D – Makers – DIY – Belgique (smaller but only french langage group dedicated to the belgian 3D printing community)

    Cool idea, that list. Thanks.