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3D Printing Fun with Warcraft Rumble

Hey fellow 3d Hobbysists, enthusiasts and gamers, have you heard about Blizzard’s latest mobile strategy game, ‘Warcraft Rumble’?

It’s not just your regular gaming experience; it’s a magical arcade machine that brings your favourite Warcraft characters to life as toy figurines. And here’s the exciting part: Blizzard lets you 3D print these characters for free!

So far, they’ve released models for the Alliance and the Beasts,

with more on the way for Blackrock, Horde, Undead, NPCs, and Bosses.

This means you can have your little army of Warcraft heroes right at home.

Miniature Mania

3D Printing Fun with Warcraft Rumble: Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Warcraft like never before. Blizzard’s innovative mobile strategy game, ‘Warcraft Rumble’, introduces a magical arcade machine that brings your beloved Warcraft characters to life as toy figurines. The best part? Blizzard generously offers free 3D printing of these characters. Currently, they have released models for the Alliance and the Beasts, and there are even more exciting designs in the pipeline, including Blackrock, Horde, Undead, NPCs, and Bosses. Embrace the thrill of miniature mania as you build your very own army of Warcraft heroes at home.

Picture this: you’re 3D printing miniatures from STL files of 3D models,

which represent magically printed toys, that in turn represent characters from Azeroth. It’s like a gaming Inception!

Head over to the Warcraft Rumble website and you’ll find 27 models ready for download,

including 14 for the Alliance and 13 for the Beasts. These models have that charmingly cartoony Warcraft style, making them perfect for painting once they’re printed.

Ever wanted a polymorphed sheep or a cuddly-looking gnoll for your DnD game? Now you can have them!

Game Director Tom Chilton spilled the beans about why the game occurs within an arcade machine in Azeroth rather than the World of Warcraft itself.

He explained that by simplifying the visuals, they captured the essence of the characters, almost like they were toy versions. That’s when the idea of an arcade machine in the Warcraft universe came to life.

Imagine, one day, a crafty cosplayer will build a 3D replica of the Warcraft Rumble arcade machine using these files. We’ll be the first to share it with you!

If you’ve been yearning for a robust Warcraft strategy board game, your patience may finally pay off. With the inclusion of these miniatures, you can even transform your existing strategy games into an immersive Warcraft experience. This opens up a realm of exciting gaming prospects!

Warcraft Rumble Y’all

‘Warcraft Rumble’ transcends the realm of a mere mobile game, serving as a revolutionary conduit that unites virtual and physical gaming experiences. Through the marvel of 3D printing, cherished Warcraft characters spring to life, breathing tangible existence into a digital universe. An expansive array of meticulously crafted models awaits, with a promise of even more on the horizon, granting you the power to assemble your very own formidable Warcraft legion.

As we stand on the precipice of this innovative venture, one cannot help but wonder if this heralds the dawn of a new era in gaming. The distinction between the digital and the tangible may fade even further, erasing the boundaries that once confined our gaming experiences. Prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey into the enchanting realm of Azeroth, as you’ve never witnessed it before!

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