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3D printing accessories Must-haves

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3d printer bed
3d printer bed

3D printing, like any mechanical hobby, frequently necessitates the use of tools to function. Furthermore, good accessories can push even the best 3D printers beyond their normal capabilities. These accessories are frequently simple, such as a pair of snips for cutting filament or a dab of glue to aid bed adhesion, but there are also new pieces of hardware that can significantly improve your print quality or give your 3D printer new capabilities.

filament storage container

An appropriate filament storage container is one of the most important accessories a 3D printer owner must have.

Most 3D printer owners do not pay attention to this, which can lead to a variety of issues such as clogging, poor layer adhesion, breakage, and so on. That is why it is critical to store your filaments in a moisture-free environment.

The first option is to use a filament box, which keeps your filament dry and dust-free while also dispensing it. It has a temperature and humidity sensor, as well as the ability to print directly from the box.

Caddy basket

These small storage caddies are useful for more than just storing shower products. The separate compartments make it simple to store all of your hex key wrenches, scrapers, and filament cutters in a way that allows them to be easily moved around your workspace using the handy handle. I keep three of these in my workshop and use them to store 3D printing tools, various types of glue, and various sandpaper.
It greatly simplifies life.

Masking Tape

One of the most common 3D printing accessories is masking tape. It is highly recommended for helping each print adhere better to the print bed. Furthermore, the finished print is much easier to remove from the bed and is scratch-resistant.

Make sure to use masking tape with a minimum width of 5 cm (2 inches). With a wider tape, you’ll need fewer strips to cover your print bed, resulting in better results.

Reusable Desiccant tube

Desiccant is an extremely useful tool in the fight against moisture. Even the best 3D printing filament can be degraded by absorbing too much moisture, so storing your filament in a cool dry place with a desiccant pouch is a great way to keep it usable for longer if you live in a damp climate. These pouches are a little more expensive than others, but they can be recharged by heating them up and used again and again.

PVA Glue Stick

It is critical to ensure that your print adheres to the build plate when 3D printing. Covering your print bed with a washable glue stick is another way to improve plate adhesion. You can apply glue directly to your build plate and easily clean it up with water.

This is one of the best bed adhesion solutions and works well with most materials, except ABS and polycarbonate, which are prone to very high warpage.

It works well and is easily available in a wide range of stores at a very reasonable price.

Hair Spray

Yes Yes, but hear me out Many people also recommend sprinkling hair spray on the bed. Adding an extra layer of stickiness to your print bed with hairspray is a quick and easy process.

However, you must exercise caution with this method because using hairspray regularly and without proper care can damage your printer.

Extra Print Bed

The key to a successful 3D print is a good first layer. And, to get a good first layer, you must have the right print bed surface, which must have a smooth finish as well as being rigid and durable.

Some people prefer to replace their standard print beds with glass-plated ones because they handle heat better and do not warp printed parts as easily.

What other accessories and must-haves would you recommend to a budding 3d hobbyist?

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