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3D Printing A Brushless DC Motor from Scratch!

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Hey there! Let me tell you about Levi Janssen’s awesome adventure in building his motor for a college project. Unlike most of us who simply order motors online, Levi took on the challenge and learned a ton in the process.

Levi designed his brushless DC motor using OnShape, a cool 3D modeling software. His motor is pretty impressive, with six coils in the stator and eight neodymium magnets in the rotor. It follows an axial flux design, where the magnets are positioned above the coils. This clever arrangement allows for easy construction using 3D-printed parts. On top of that, axial flux motors offer benefits like higher power density and better cooling, although optimizing those aspects wasn’t the main focus of Levi’s project.

3D printing a brushless DC motor : the model

The interesting portion is now here. Levi’s video explores the complexities of the drive circuit in addition to detailing his experience with motor development. You see, operating brushless motors is far more difficult than operating a standard brushed motor. So, if you’re interested in the specifics, his video is a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, he created his custom drive circuit, which allowed him to increase the motor’s speed to a staggering 12,500 rpm. Impressive, no?

Building your own motors can be a fantastic way to tackle challenging engineering problems. For example, imagine creating motorized rollerblades. It’s certainly no walk in the park, but by making your own motors, you can find innovative solutions. Of course, if winding coils sounds too time-consuming or difficult, you can always take a shortcut. Get yourself some off-the-shelf gear and tweak it to suit your needs. We’re all about supporting different approaches here.

So, whether you’re up for the coil-winding adventure or prefer to hack existing components, there’s a world of possibilities waiting for you. Levi’s project is a shining example of what can be achieved with determination and a dash of creativity.

Source: youtube

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