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3D-Printed Mini Hydro turbine

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Czech designer Lukas Martinek has astounded the world with his groundbreaking proposal: the creation of a Francis-type mini turbine, entirely designed and 3D printed. This innovative achievement not only demonstrates originality but also emphasizes sustainability and free access to technology.

From Idea to Reality: A Hydro Turbine Born from 3D

Online platforms like Thingiverse have become hubs of innovation,

offering a wide range of 3D designs, from simple jewellery to intricate machinery. In this vibrant space, Martinek shares his mini-hydroelectric project, which he carefully designed on his computer and assembled himself. The design ingeniously combines two types of plastic: PET, derived from petrochemicals, and PLA, sourced from plant material. Leveraging AutoCAD 3D modelling software,

Martinek faced the challenge of optimizing and enhancing existing designs for turbine blades to achieve peak performance. He also invested significant effort in perfecting the vantage command system, a crucial component of the hydro turbine’s success.

Beyond a Simple Replica: Mini Hydro-Car Functionality

With a budget of around 100 euros covering materials, pipes, and cables, Martinek tested his design in a small stream. While precise data on its performance is yet to be gathered, estimates suggest an efficiency range of 0.25 to 0.5 L/s, compared to conventional Francis turbines that can reach 1 L/s. However, the primary objective of this mini-turbine is not electricity production but its educational value. As an intricately detailed replica of a Francis turbine, it serves as an excellent tool for explaining and understanding its functionality.

The 3D Print Revolution:

Martinek envisions a bright future in the combination of 3D printing and micro-hydroelectricity.

This technology allows for the creation of custom models at an affordable cost,

revolutionizing how people interact with and utilize energy sources.

While larger turbines may still surpass 3D-printed parts in terms of strength and durability

, the Czech designer views this project as a crucial step towards democratizing clean energy.


Lukas Martinek’s 3D-printed mini hydro turbine stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the field of renewable energy.

Not only does it exemplify the potential of 3D printing in micro-hydroelectricity,

but it also fosters knowledge-sharing and educational opportunities.

As we move forward, this remarkable achievement paves the way for more accessible and environmentally-friendly energy solutions, bringing us closer to a cleaner and greener future for all.

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