Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker.

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Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker.
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Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker.

3D Printing Is running a contest until 9/23/2016, with a grand prize of an ultimaker. To enter you must first go to Facebook and join the 3d Printing Group. To win all you need to do is design, print and enter a blaster you make. The rules are in the link. I know I could use a new 3d printer. I’m a nerf fan. I’ve owned a ton of nerf as a kid and my son play’s with all kinds of nerf blasters. Most have been modded so when I found out about this I just had to share. I would love to win but I would rather see tons of entries in this contest. With that, my intention is to give some inspiration.

This nerf blaster was an April Fools joke.
April Fools

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I'm a tinker at heart. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was Born with a ratchet in one hand and a screw driver in the other. Needles to say the doctors had questions for my mother. I love RC,3d printing and well just about everything electronic. Most days though I'm just a Mad Engineer.

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3 thoughts on “Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker.

  1. Time is here, 3D printer is going to change a lot of things and no longer to buy a part to repair things. This is a great printer , I am going to print Star War Characters Set . It is a dream prize .

  2. That is about the coolest thing I have seen. My Grandson would love it.

  3. That Dart Sentry looks amazing, I expect to see more complex designs, maybe something with a
    windup clock like system or something to have a bigger magazine or something.

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