3 Types of People I Hate in the 3D Printing Community

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3 Types of People I Hate in the 3D Printing Community
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Okay, first to explain what I mean with the term “3D Printing Fad”, because it has created a lot of confusion within many of the articles I have written, and it is what I base my analysis on. I acknowledge that 3D Printing in itself is an additive manufacturing technique used for rapid prototyping. The media, however, tend to present 3D Printing as the breakthrough technology that will change the world and its functions forever. It is portrayed as a complex, mysterious, expensive, and difficult process by the mass media.

If you really think about it, mainstream media will usually report on either 3D Printing related startup companies that “aim to change the world” in one way or another, or on an exotic 3D Printer that can print buildings or glass structures. And this is causing, at least in part, the distorted public image concerning 3D printing, and the fad that accompanies it.
Many of my classmates, in fact, almost all comment that I have an extreme, complicated and expensive hobby when they want to talk (or I talk) about my 3D Printer.

There are a lot of people, firms, and startups, that are taking advantage of the image the people have created around 3D Printing. Even though anyone that is using a RepRap/Prusa printer will tell you otherwise, the image of 3D Printing as an exotic and expensive commodity is prevalent in the majority of the people.

In this essay, I want to point out and scold these people and the practices they use to trick people. Each type of person is progressively worse, in my opinion, than the previous, and the final one is the one worthy of exile.

Maybe my views on this matter differ from that of the entire community or maybe my juvenile intolerance has caused me to have such radical and audible opinions, seeing how I am only 16 years old. With that in mind, I will still write this article as I believe that there are certain facts that have to be pointed out, to maintain and strengthen the community of friendly, helpful, and passionate makers that dominate and comprise the 3D printing scene.

I want to add that this whole essay goes against my philosophy in life, called who-gives-a-shit-ism, but neither have I fully endorsed this practice yet nor will I leave these people remain un-scolded.

The ones I want to condemn are:

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I am a high school student from Athens, and I have been practicing 3D Design and 3D Printing for 3 years now. I am excited to see how far this technology can go for a casual but passionate maker.

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3 thoughts on “3 Types of People I Hate in the 3D Printing Community

  1. We are all kids playing with Legos, but some of us have been playing longer than others, and moved up to more complex, more expensive Legos. Everyone stands on the shoulders of giants, so to speak. You wouldn’t throw a steak in a chef’s face just because he didn’t grow the cow himself.

  2. I can see why some of these thing could be aggravating, but, at my age I’ve learned to try to use my energies in constructive ways…but, I enjoyed your article and hope to read more in the future!!!

  3. Really interesting article. kind of had to vent there. You are young and will learn in life it is easier to surround yourself with like minded people and pay only half the attention the rest of them.

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