5 tools You the community suggested for your 3d printers.

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5 tools You the community suggested for your 3d printers.
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After My last post, I got some good feedback from the community, for tools they used and thought should have been in my last list. After Reading through the suggestions I decided to make another. I found a few I owned but didn’t use for 3d printing and some others I just overlooked. I Don’t own all of the things on this list so I will make sure to point that out when I get to them but everything on this list is something to consider especially if you plan to do a lot of 3d printing.

An UPS or Battery Backup.

This is one I don’t own personally. Though I do Have friends with them attached to Gaming Pc’s. I don’t really have a recommendation as to which to buy because it depends on what you think you will need. If you are someone who prints more than 13hrs at a time something like this could save a print during a power outage. I don’t think this is for everyone but I do think it is something to consider for sure. Thankfully I don’t live in an area known for its blackouts.


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4 thoughts on “5 tools You the community suggested for your 3d printers.

  1. Sorry, but I don’t agree. You only ever need ONE feeler gauge not so many. After all, how many different distances do you use between your nozzle and bed? One. just one. This is like buying a full tool set when all you need is a small screwdriver. A slice off a soda can will do just as well and give similar results.

    By the way, what has “A layer of concrete used to seal the earth under the ground floor of a house” got to do with 3D printing? That’s what OVERSITE means.

    1. If you only print at say .3 or .15 sure you will need only 1 feeler gauge but if you watch your printer when you slice your first layer using a different height than you normally do you will see it change the first layer distance.I change print mm depending on what I need and if you want a good first layer you need to adjust the height. that means different gauges. They are cheap so keep them around long enough and you will find more uses than you, though.

      1. Sure. I agree with you on that.

        But a spell check will not catch the difference between OVERSITE and OVERSIGHT. Only good spelling will. Same with Waist and Waste, Peek and Peak and so on. I see so many of these scattered about now. These are not typo’s but just bad spelling.

        1. I don’t claim to be the world’s best speller. I also don’t go around picking fights for no reason. Instead of just agreeing you had to add in a quip about my spelling due to an internal need to be the best on the internet. You came to my blog to claim that I’m wrong about something I wrote about was wrong even though in this case, it was suggested by readers who obviously use them. Then when I give you a constructive way that they can be used, you agree then turn around and try to pick apart my writing instead. I write as a hobby. I write because I want to add to the community. Next time before you try to fix someone’s faults you should look at your own.

          If you have something constructive to add please by all means do.
          I will now fix the spelling errors you so graciously pointed out.

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