One quick cooling mod for your 3D Printer

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One quick cooling mod for your 3D Printer
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2-in-1 fan duct: extruder and filament cooler for E3D V6 and others by eiPionezero

I have a few printers but I think my favorite is my first one. The kit That started it all. The thing is that it is also my test printer. Every time I want to try a new piece of tech or a firmware mod I use it on this printer first. She has gone through a lot and never failed me. For being a Chinese Prusa I3 clone it’s gone far. Today is no different. I have mentioned in past blogs I print mostly in abs, it’s cheap and easily finished with acetone. The thing is it doesn’t like to have a fan on it because of that I don’t have a cooling fan on this printer. Lately, though I have been using a lot more exotic filaments and even received a spool of pla (I probably won’t use it anytime soon). I decided I wanted to give it a fan for cooling but I didn’t have a lot of space to work with. I looked around and decided on the split cooling from fan mount made by eiPionezero. The problem is I can’t turn off the cooling, this way. that meant that I would either need a second fan or just replace it and deal with constant cooling. I didn’t Like that idea So I made the fans interchangeable and here is what I did.

Gather your materials and get to work.


If you don’t have some old PC parts laying around just buy some Bullet connectors that will fit your wires. If you do grab a couple unused 4pin connectors and pull them apart. You will need solder and a soldering iron, Heat shrink, a way to strip your wire (don’t use your teeth) now you’re ready to go.



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  1. I did something similar when I was having an un-diagnosed problem with a cartridge heater so I put in a toggle switch with bullet and spade connectors that way I could turn the fan off if needed. I don’t have it now as I fixed the problem and other changes necessitated removing it altogether.

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