6 tools everyone with a 3d printer should own.

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6 tools everyone with a 3d printer should own.
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I like to be prepared. Having the correct tool has always been a priority of mine. As a mechanics kid, Of course, our car was always broke down but hey such is life right. My father owned the shop and I was lucky enough to have a father that insisted I learn how to use tools. This also meant I needed to learn When to put them away. Which was any time it wasn’t in my hand. Nothing teaches faster than seeing the tool you left out, come speeding at you through the air with only a warning yell of, “Put this away ******!” Good times I can assure you. Somehow I survived to adulthood and now have a healthy respect for tools and some quick reflexes but I digress. Being one of the people who don’t own a production 3d printing machine I perform a good bit of maintenance on them. More Preventative than because of the need for repair. So I have a lot of tools to work with them but I also have found tools handy for print cleanup as well. Here is a list of the tools I think everyone who owns a 3d printer should consider owning. Oh and I’m Cheap so nothing on this list is expensive, though a few might require some DIY to make.

Let’s start with hand tools. Precision screwdriver sets.

NANCH 23 in 1 Screwdriver Set Precision Repair Tool Kit
NANCH 23 in 1 Screwdriver Set Precision Repair Tool Kit

Just one of a growing number of Screwdriver sets I own. I like it because it is very well made. Low cost and feels very comfortable in your hand. This is only an example though I have a few Cheaper sets I keep in my car that work every bit as good as some of the more expensive offerings out there. Just find a set that works for you. Screws loosen over time on these machines. Even the ready to go machines will need a little maintenance eventually. Find a good set and I know you will find many uses for them. You might also consider getting a small electric screwdriver as well but that is more luxury, not a necessity.








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I'm a tinker at heart. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was Born with a ratchet in one hand and a screw driver in the other. Needles to say the doctors had questions for my mother. I love RC,3d printing and well just about everything electronic. Most days though I'm just a Mad Engineer.

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6 thoughts on “6 tools everyone with a 3d printer should own.

  1. Nice post! Helps to know some challenges 3d printing might throw at you and how to be prepared. More please!

  2. I really like the screw driver set. Thanks for the information.

  3. A nice list f tools to start with. I think an Exacto knife or similar type of hobby razor knife set would be a good addition to the list

  4. This was a good article on accessories. I’m getting ready to purchase my first 3D printer — I’m going for the Flashforge Dreamer, and this gives me an idea of what I need to purchase as well. Thanks.

  5. Great article. I would add the hobby knife as mentioned as well as some sort of pick tool, like a dental pick set.

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