Big 3D Printers

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Big 3D Printers
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Big 3D Printers

So a lot of people look for a 3D printer with a big build area, so I’ve collected some Big 3D printers and a list of pros and cons. Feel free to suggest your recommendations in the comments and I’ll add them.

gMax 3D Printer – Big 3D printers

So lets start with the gMax, there are two versions: gMax 1.5 and gMax 1.5XT. Now thew gMax printers are big, really big : The XT version has a build area of 406.4 x 406.4 x 533.4 (16” x 16” x 21′). A YouTube channel called 3DPrintingNerd has made lots of videos on this printer.

gMax 1.5XT source -Big 3D printers :
gMax 1.5XT source :


-It’s very big

-Metal construction

-Optional dual extruder

-All the printers can be customised and are built per order



-No heated bed

-The user must be experienced, the bed levelling can be difficult

Price (Starting price) : $ 2,995.00

Buy Here

Robo 3D R1 Plus – Big 3D printers

This is the Robo 3D R1 Plus, it is a pre-built printer with off line printing , direct drive extruder, heated bed, offline SD card printing and auto levelling bed. The printer receives mostly positive feedback however it does have some bad reviews on Amazon. Overall I would say this printer is really good for the price. The build volume is 254 * 228.6 * 203.2 (10″ x 9″ x 8″), so the Robo has fairly big bed compared to most printers .

Robo 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer - Big 3D printers
Robo 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer


Auto Levelling: A great feature for a big print bed!

-Heated Bed

-Offline SD card printing

-Good value

-Direct Drive Extruder

-24/7 Support


Step up can be annoying if you are not experienced

-The 6 months warranty doesn’t cover many

-The bed is big , but not  massive.

Price : $799.99

Buy Here

Hatchbox 3D PTR-ALPHA Delta Printer – Big 3D printers

The first delta printer on this list. This has a print area of 300mm (11.811″) in diameter with 330mm (12.9921″) in height. Now that is a very big bed, which is also heated and has automatic levelling. It prints off an SD card. One advantage with this printer is that it will be faster than a cartesian printer as it is a delta printer, which will help print those big parts quicker The quality from this printer is also very good.

Hatchbox delta 3D printer. Source - Big 3D printers
Hatchbox delta 3D printer. Source


-Big Print area

-Good prints

-Heated bed

-Fast prints

-Offline SD card printing


-Delta printers can be harder to calibrate and maintain

Price : $997.61 (+$102.35 shipping)

Buy here

Ultimaker 2 Extended+  – Big 3D printers

The Ultimaker is another pre-made high end printer that will print pretty much out of the box. It has a heated bed, offline print and sturdy construction. It would be really good if the enclosure could be closed for ABS prints but sadly it is left open. However I don’t think it would be too hard to add a door on. It has a build volume of 22.3 X 22.3 X 30.5 cm which is good, the height gives it a good size.

Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Source : - Big 3D printers
Ultimaker 2 Extended+
Source :


-Good print volume

-All ready to go out of the box

-Low maintenance



-Not fully enclosed

Price : $2,999 (+ $65 Shipping)

Buy Here

  1. Hans Fouche says

    Nice Printers, but they all still prints with expansive filament, and expensive nozzles…
    Look at this Printer, from South Africa….

  2. Stan Baldwin says

    Is there a upgrade to put a heated bed on a gMax? I like the build volume, but I have to have a heated bed.

  3. Brandon Woods says

    Great post here. we’re looking to purchase a 3D printer and you’ve mentioned some that sound like they’re right up our alley. And the prices aren’t too bad, even for the more expensive ones.

  4. [email protected] says

    These are nice looking printers. Wish I could afford one.

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