About me: Italo Soares

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About me: Italo Soares
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Who is Ítalo ?


Italo C. J. Soares was born in São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil, in 1st of July of 1995, and live there ever since, with one sister and one brother (at ages 17-12) and his parents. He has worked a couple of years with machine maintenance for a medical company.

Now Italo is the founder of the Automata System, where he devote all of his knowledge to make better and more accessible machines for small companies, by ensuring quality, repeatability, and control of the whole production process. Automata Systems also has a Home-Automation sector, which aim to help people with all tasks, from controlling a light, to fully automatic rain-water collector system, that can save huge amounts of treated water where it is not needed,

He has extensive experience on designing control systems, with more than 80 done projects.  His recent activities include selling 3D Printed parts to help the “makers community” around the world and also writing about 3D Printing at, hoping to help  the beginners at the hard art of making quality 3D printed parts – You can check the Facebook fan page here : Fanpage

Education & Credentials

Anhanguera – Kroton: Electrical Engineering- 2019

ETEC – Centro Paula Souza: Industrial Automation – 2013

ETEP., Mechatronics – 2014

SENAI – SJC., Industrial maintenance electrician – 2011

About my printer:

Its a homemade heavily customized Graber-i3, bought in 2015.  i’m planning on use the electronics from it and make a ulticampy. (a better and more stable printer structure). and also make a CoreXY based printer, for using to PCB milling too. now, to the photos 🙂
IMG_20160222_233644 IMG_20160222_233726

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Hello, nice to meet you (: My name is Italo Soares, i'm 20 years old and live near São Paulo - Brazil. Im currently studying Eletrical engineering (bachelor's level), and i'm already graduated in Control and automation, Industrial Eletrical Maintenance and also, Mechatronics. Currently i'm aiming to improve my knowledge as much as possible before starting for good on my professional carreer. i currently how to program in: C++ | C# | Arduino | PHP/HTML (newbie) | Java (newbie) LUA (newbie) I'm planning to learn/improve my skills in: Website developing | Android app developing and lean manufacturing See more on my linked-in page: Hope to help you guys!

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