Super strong Filament for your printer

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Super strong Filament for your printer
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My favorite filament the Hatchbox 1.75mm Black PLA 3D Printer Filament – 1kg Spool (2.2 lbs) – Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm Is selling cheap! 

In the past I have used filament from many other manufacturers. I switched to using Hatchbox after finding their spool prices cheaper by 13 dollars.

I havent found a need to change the temperature with this product, however I did notice the filament is able to withstand bending to a much greater extent. The filament from zen snapped when I bent it past a certain again. The filament from Hatchbox can be bent up to 180 degrees and still not break. In fact, it might take a few such bends before the filament breaks.

5 Star rated Filament sells dirt cheap. you should buy it before prices go back up! Read on about the product below! 🙂 Happy days!

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