3d Printer Chat is up and running

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3d Printer Chat is up and running
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I love how Internet brings us together!

Ok so the basic structure is up and running. Now my aim will be to tweak it and refine some things plus add content.

The biggest issue i will have is to Not buy more 3d printers it may harm my marriage…

See you online! 🙂


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  1. Chris Bailey says

    You can buy just one more. 🙂

  2. Daniel Faegnell says

    I could ….but…OK, I´LL DO IT!

  3. Tom Baxter says

    Two years and going strong! I found this site in the summer of 2017 and really love the wealth of information here. I like the variety of articles, the other site members are helpful, and they always have giveaways to reward members. Other than wishing we had more activity in the forums, I couldn’t complain about this community.

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